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Quenching the Father Thirst
is recommended for
Fathers in Challenging Situations


Based upon research conducted by the National Center for Fathering, and our experiences with local court initiatives, this program provides “culturally” relevant material that addresses many issues for fathers involving fragile families in urban areas.

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What Men Are

Listen to QFT author and trainer George Williams talk about the importance of quenching a child's father thirst. (Windows Media audio file.)

General Information:
Quenching the Father Thirst: Developing a Dad
is a breakthrough curriculum developed by the National Center for Fathering to train men to become responsible fathers/father figures that love, know and guide their children to success.  This research and theory-based curriculum is a blueprint for guided programming interventions with fathers and is designed to be useful for fathers in any social service based setting (courts, prisons, employment agencies, hospitals, drug rehabilitation centers, etc.) in any fathering situation (teen, single, married, divorced, non-custodial, step, father-figures etc.). It is a tool to transform the dysfunctional father into a functioning father and the functioning father into a higher functioning father.

This curriculum was designed to:

  • provide a framework for understanding the role of the father,
  • address the systemic barriers to fathering and
  • to provide training in specific skills to become the father his child needs.

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What Men are Saying About Quenching
Train the Trainer Program:
"Informative, well put together, clear, concise and engaging."
NCF's Quenching the Father Thirst Train the Trainer program consistently receives over-all program ratings of 9.5/10. 
Here's what trainers are saying:
Comprehensive -- "I received a training that, if I needed to start a group today, I could!" 
Motivating -- As a result of this training...  "I will move to train as many fathers as possible."
-- "Materials were easy to understand and apply."

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Quenching the Father Thirst:  Developing a Dad 
Part I:  The Foundation of Fatherhood


Summary of Learning


Lesson 1:
The Father Thirst Epidemic

1) The state of the important role of the father.
2) When fathers are absent the children suffer.
3) Dad commits to being there for his child.

The Dad will quench his child’s father thirst.

Lesson 2:
What about the Children?

1) The value of a child and value demonstrated.
2) The primary life needs of a child.
3) Dad makes sacrifices for his child.

The Dad will place his child’s needs first.

Lesson 3: 
It takes a man to be a Dad 

1) The road to becoming a man.
2) The “mask” of masculinity and the character and role of a real man.

3) It takes a man to be a dad.

The Dad will be a man called to be a Dad.

Lesson 4: 
My Challenges As A Dad 

1) Challenges that keep a man from being a dad.
2) The three responses to those challenges.
3) Dads can get help to overcome challenges.

The Dad will never quit being Dad.

Lesson 5: 
My Father And Past History 

1) A man’s father shapes him.
2) A man is part of his family picture.
3) Dads resolve a negative family history.

The Dad will forgive his father and family.

Lesson 6: 
My Mother And Women Relationships 

1) Characteristic men look for in women.
2) The sources of the conflict.
3) Dad’s mother is the foundation of female relationships.

The Dad will keep healthy relationships with women.

Part II: Fathering Skills


Summary of Learning


Lesson 7: 
The Father-Mother Partnership

1) Mother as the gatekeeper of a broken gate.
2) The impact of the child caught in the middle.
3) Dad can initiate the repair in the gate.

The Dad will respect and partner with his child’s mother.

Lesson 8: 
Commitment To Your Child 

1) Commitment for a lifetime.
2) Barriers to commitment.
3) Dad commits to developing his child.

The Dad will help his child develop in every way.

Lesson 9: 
Emotional Encouragement

1) Emotions are a part of who we are.
2) His child has emotional needs.
3) Dad must manage his negative emotions and express positive emotions empower his child.

The Dad will be emotionally healthy towards his child.

Lesson 10:
Connecting through Communication 

1) The importance of communication.
2) How communication bridges a connection with our child.
3) Dad will know his child and his child will know him.

The Dad will take time to listen and make time to talk.

Lesson 11:
Social Involvement 

1) Speaking our child’s language of play.
2) Determine to be a part of his child’s world.
3) Dad invites his child into his world.

The Dad will be involved with his child.

Lesson 12:
Leading by Training & Life Change 

1) The importance of passing values.
2) Investing your life experience and counsel.
3) Discipline is about teaching.

The Dad will invest his life in his child.

Lesson 13: 
Making A Life Change

1) All about change.
2) Making decision about life changes.
3) Planning a life course change.

 The Dad will follow through on his changes.

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Author and Trainer George R. Williams
George R. Williams is a marriage and family therapist and the Executive Director of the National Center for Fathering’s Urban Father-Child Partnership. Having the conviction that every child needs a dad; his life work is to help urban men to be the dads their children need. He is actively involved in developing and delivering fathering education and programming in various settings, including urban elementary, middle and high schools, faith communities, court programs and community fathering initiatives. His presentations feature thoughtful insights and an engaging, passionate style. George also writes and performs powerful dramatizations that illustrate the challenges of urban fathers.

George is a nationally recognized fathering expert that has spoken and taught at national conferences.  He is a contributing author to the book, Why Fathers Count and the textbook, Fundamentals of Early Childhood Education 4th Edition and authored five fathering curricula. He earned his Master of Science degree from Friends University (Wichita, KS) in family therapy and is a lifetime member in Psi Chi, the National Honor Society in Psychology.  George and Trudy, his wife of twenty-one years, have three boys and a daughter and live in the greater Kansas City area.

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Training Cost:

  • $1000.00 per man trained (does not include travel & lodging)
  • If an organization hosts training -- 6 men minimum @ $1000.00 per man
    • plus Travel & Lodging expenses for NCF Traineror

Materials Received
1) Instructor Manual
2) Participant manual
3) ABC World News - DVD
4) Heart of a Father by Dr. Ken Canfield - book
5) The 7 Secrets of Effective Fathers by Dr. Ken Canfield - book
6) A container of 600 Lego blocks (on request)

For Registration and additional information contact Sherri Solis:

1.800.593.3237 X1041

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